Create compliant
electronic reports for
environmental submission

How to Become IT Compliant

According to the current regulation for electronic reporting, there are a list of requirements that must be met before a system can begin collecting environmental data electronically; commonly referred to as CROMERR (CROss Media Electronic Reporting Rule). The requirements can be grouped into the following ways. Read more at their site.

  • User Registration

    This portion covers the topics of users establishing their accounts in the system. After users provide information about themselves, the system administrator then reviews this information and provides the users with system privileges and signing credentials.

    Reference:CROMERR 101: Lesson 6 Registration

  • Id Proofing

    This portion requires users to have their identity verified as part of the registration process prior to submitting reports electronically. An identity can be verified one of two ways: by an unbiased service provider (e.g., LexisNexis) or handwritten signature as part of an electronic signature agreement process.

    Reference:CROMERR 101: Lesson 6 Registration

  • e-Signature

    This portion requires an approach to ensure the content remains unchanged by the time the electronic signature is applied to the submission. After the electronic signature is applied, the system needs to ensure the signer is authorized to sign and the signature is valid.

    Reference:CROMERR 101: Lesson 6 Signature Process

    Reference:CROMERR 101: Lesson 6 Signature Validation

  • Document Submission

    This portion requires a mechanism to ensure the electronic report is retrieved as an error-free transmission and that the submitter is able to view what was submitted as the copy of record.

    Reference:CROMERR 101: Lesson 6 Submission Process

  • Enforcement Action

    This portion requires a mechanism allowing submitters to rescind or flag submissions that should not be considered official copies of record.

    Reference:CROMERR 101: Lesson 6 Enforcement Process

What we offer

Shared Services Models

In addition to the two models below, we also provide shared documentation, open source code, and consultation for technical implementation of CROMERR. See more details within each option.

Advanced Web Services Application

Our partners who use this option typically have existing web application that ranges from non-compliance to partial compliance. These partners also have technical staff available to implement and integrate the requirements into their system via APIs.

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Developer APIs

Our partners who use this options typical have plans to begin collecting online submissions, need to begin collecting submissions quickly, or need to easily integrate with their existing web application.

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